Get Current Studio and Setka partner

Get Current Studio partners with Setka Editor

There are a vast number of considerations to be made for a publisher. Should we serve an ad? Should we display a pop-up? How long will the page take to load? The choices we make for audiences can make or break their experience with us.  

If we can get them to stay only 15 seconds, then we’ve accomplished a lot — and design can help.

Today, Get Current Studio is pleased to announce a special partnership with Setka Editor, the design technology that integrates into any content management platform. 

Setka Editor seamlessly replaces standard text editors with an easy-to-use editorial experience design tool. Now, our publishing clients have the ability to expand their abilities to display stories in new and exciting ways.

Presentation counts for more than what many publishers might give credit to. Thoughtful designers understand that presentation can be a difference maker in a successful engagement. It’s all about the complete experience. Done well, a unique or casual visitor may be converted into a loyal audience member.

“Get Current Studio is working to improve representation in the publishing industry by helping legacy ethnic media companies successfully transform to the digital world. We’ve partnered with them to ensure Setka Editor is one of the tools they can use to make their visual storytelling shine.”

— Kate Bazilevskaya, CEO at

“We’re honored to be chosen as one of Get Current’s tools of choice for helping these journalists bring their articles to life with multimedia elements, unique layouts, and more,” says Kate Bazilevskaya, CEO of

Get Current Studio is reimagining the brands of diverse publishers and how they serve their audiences. There is so much beauty in the black experience. Journalism and storytelling — as written by ethnic media communities — helps elevate those ideas to the highest extent.

At Get Current Studio, we will strengthen the quality and quantity of black and brown stories being told through elegant and delightful presentation.

Setka Editor is an essential tool for enhancing their visual storytelling efforts across devices. Not only does the editor offer an extensive set of article features, but we see it as a key piece in helping our publishing clients deliver beautifully designed, media-rich online content in ways that are accessible to this group.

Beginning today, our clients may take advantage of special pricing. It’s at great value and a wonderful gesture of support in lowering the financial barrier of entry ethnic media publishers may face. We very much appreciate the Setka Editor team and their willingness to support our mission of leading diverse legacy publishers through successful digital transformation.

Get Current Studio gives special attention to ethnic publishers who may be struggling to embrace emerging technologies. We provide our clients with a suite of services including web development, content strategy, audience engagement strategy and newsroom up-skilling.

New and existing clients will have the benefit of customized training in how to maximize the use of Setka for story design and audience engagement. We are thankful to the Setka team for giving us a direct line of communication for support and training in the newest developments and features of the product.