Your Guide Through Digital Transformation

We're a black-owned editorial design, web development and storytelling studio.

We give special attention to publishers of color who struggle to embrace emerging technologies. We provide our clients with a suite of services including web development, content strategy, audience engagement and newsroom up-skilling.

Our Team

Michael Grant


Gabe Hongsdusit

editorial design lead

Daja Henry

Audience Lead

Our Services

UX Research & Design

Rendering design experiences informed by user needs. 

Creative Direction

Defining the creative vision
of publishing brands.

Project Management

A distributed approach
to workflow efficiency.

Website Hosting

Top-tier WordPress web hosting with extras included.

Technical Support

Custom knowledge base, tutorials and live support channels.

Customized Training

Extensive on-site, in-person,
and remote training.

Weekly actionable insights

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Here are some things we're commonly asked

You can think of “Get Current” as a call to action, and it is. But it’s actually a service offering from our design and web development studio. We provide ethnic media publishers of all sizes with superior websites, top-tier support and hands on training to help you thrive online. Our diverse team of designers, developers, content producers and marketing experts took notice of how hard it has become for ethnic media publishers to keep up with changing technology.

The Get Current Studio was founded in response to the rapidly evolving media landscape. We cater to publishers, universities and non-profits who primarily serve ethnic communities because we believe your audience and the communities you represent are important to nurturing a healthy and inclusive democracy, and meeting their information needs is incredibly important. By removing many of the struggles of technological barriers, we think you can find more success and resonance within the communities you serve.

Media technologist and creative director Michael Grant is founder of the Get Current Studio. He assembled a small team of UI and UX designers, software engineers, and product managers who share a passion for newsroom customer experience, digital news products, and online media.

Not only do we offer a tried-and-true solution set — or stack — but we have thought critically about your unique publishing challenges. Exact builds may vary from client to client, and all builds work to address major shortcomings in online publishing. Here are universal services we think you’ll love:

  • Elegant website design services.
  • Print redesign and production services.
  • Flexible, on-site, in-person, and remote training
  • Set-up and establishment of best practices to streamline production

Interviews only tell us part of the story. Our extensive evaluation explores platform related items such as hosting, SSL, CMS, and maintenance work; performance-related items such as load speeds, visitor metrics, SEO, and site security protection; content production assessment including text flows and web production workflows; and evaluation of staff sizes, admin skill sets, and technological understanding of the web. This helps us understand the level of need of our clients.

Get Current service operates much like a design agency. And we’re incredibly modern in our approach, leveraging the power of design thinking, creative problem solving, and user-informed insights to solve big challenges. We’re a remote organization with staff in each time-zone.

Get Current actively seeks to partner with technologists and service providers with a track record of excellence. We constantly investigate and choose new products that solve particular challenges that address real needs.

Getting out and trying things is the essence of evolving with the web. Our iterative approach to building websites that reach goals allows us to offer “tried-and-true” tech solutions, and add them to our tech stack for your benefit.