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Learn online media skills that attract new opportunities in journalism and beyond. Take your career to new heights with cross-disciplinary knowledge.

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The Academy Promise: To be clear and intentional about why each course is worth your time. All courses are intended to be actionable. Our goal is to enable registrants to apply new skills to immediate, real-world practice.

Academy training for individuals

Learn from anywhere at anytime. Boost your skills with short, flexible online courses designed to fit your life.

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Academy training for organizations

Empower your entire newsroom to level-up across teams. A team’s shared knowledge leads to shared team successes.

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Explore new pathways in online
journalism and technology

Emerging online trends

From social media and news distribution, to video, audio and voice, we'll take you through deep-dives with core take-aways.

Audience growth strategies

Want to become a brand that audiences love? What coverage do they appreciate most? Glean insights that lead to growth.

Sourcing actionable insights

Journalists wield an incredibly valuable skill: They tell great stories! Learn and tell the story of hidden insights that matter.

Professional development

Learn to design a vision of the career you've been dreaming of, and follow action steps to make them come true.

Navigate ambiguity

Sometimes a clear path doesn't exist until we make one. Learn to spot clues for charting the path forward to success.

A new set of targets

With the right insights, you may see opportunities that others don't. Learn to direct your efforts at the right targets.

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Here, a list of questions that are commonly asked

The Academy by Get Current Studio offers structured training in editorial tools, techniques and strategies for content creators of color and ethnic media publishing teams.

We took notice of how hard it has become to keep up with the evolving media landscape and changing technology and believe training can help close the gap.

Michael Grant who is a teaching fellow at the Google News Lab, and has taught hundreds of journalists and made newsroom appearances around the country. He and a small team of editors refine each training to ensure they are relevant, engaging, and well-aligned with training goals and learning outcomes.

Lessons and courses take time to produce. We’ll be rolling out more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy each offering!

Michael Grant has over 16 years of professional experience. We also source concepts and advice from other respected journalists.

Eventually. For now we’ll just add courses as they come.

Customers simply pay once and they can access the website materials always.